Have you ever wished for the chance to try a new artistic or academic endeavor in depth? To spend your day programming, writing, performing, creating, or designing? Summer on the Prairie offers one-hour, two-hour, and half-day specialty workshops designed to help you explore your budding interests! We promise you a hands-on learning environment with expert faculty and a world of opportunities at your fingertips.

New this summer!

In this one week long writing workshop, students will explore different forms of poetry and creative writing, delve into different writer’s crafts and create their own writing masterpieces. After creating a small collection of work, the camp will end with students presenting a piece to the group in a writing celebration.

Students will learn how to create an app using App Lab.  This interfaces allows for text or block based programming.   They will build a foundation of computational thinking and problem solving. They will leave the camp with a working app that they can share with friends and family.  No previous experience is required.

Take some time to grow your leadership skills this summer. Middle School is full of new experiences. Meet those experiences with courage.This is class aimed at problem solving, self growth, and building confidence in who you are as a team member and a leader. Bring a friend and have fun learning what it takes to be a great leader while using the strengths you already have and being the person you already are. This class will focus on knowing yourself and using your strengths, building and problem solving friendships, conflict resolution, leadership practice in team building exercises, and will include a research article and self reflection each day.  

Unplug, unwind and bring a friend to explore ways to recharge this summer. Students will learn techniques and mindsets to remain calm and mindful all summer long and into the school year. Spend a few hours each day to really connect and relax. Class will include introduction to sitting meditation techniques, movement meditation techniques, short mindfulness exercises to use in everyday life, daily yoga challenge, art/writing activity, daily research article reading and discussion and daily self reflection.

In this one week science workshop, students will explore science topics through hands-on learning, exploration, problem solving, and teamwork. Students will have fun as they learn and explore multiple science themes and topics.

In this one week long worksop, students will explore myths and legends from all around the world. Students will hear stories, create their own writing pieces, and use their imaginations create artwork in this magical camp.

What do you get when you add a little science, art and math with Pokemon?  FUN! Become a Pokemon Master at The Prairie School. We will be making our own Pokeballs, designing our own Pokemon characters, and will play our own version of Pokemon Go. Don’t miss this opportunity to “catch ’em all”!

BOYS AND GIRLS, don’t toss your favorite worn out t-shirts, become MAKERS and REDESIGN it!  New or returning REDESIGNERS will learn how to: draw a plan; make T-SHIRT YARN; hand sew the backpack; add fun finishing touches.  Machine sewing skills not needed. Additional methods of REDESIGN will be highlighted throughout the week!

Did you know?

  • 100% of our 2019 workshop participants would recommend us to a friend!