Middle School Students Conduct a Skype Interview with NASA

An ‘Out-of-This-World’ Learning Experience for Students

It’s not every day that students get the opportunity to skype with someone from NASA! Earlier this week, Mrs. Alber’s sixth grade class gathered around a classroom projector with interview questions in hand. As part of Mrs. Alber’s astronomy unit, students were fortunate to interview and speak with one of NASA’s research scientist Dr. Matthew Siegler. His research involves looking for ice on Mercury, our moon and Mars.  He is also working on a mission to Mars, called InSight, that is set to launch a year from now.  The mission will measure seismic activity and what the interior of the planet looks like and what it is made of.

“Skype is a great way for students to connect with experts locally, nationally and even globally,” shares Mrs. Albers. “We are thankful for the Walker family who made this great connection for us. It was a great way for students to speak with someone about their life work and profession in relation to our astronomy unit and solar system research.”