Bonnie Benes, Head of Middle School

Bonnie Benes, Head of Middle School

  • # of Years in Education = 35
  • # of Years at The Prairie School = 30

Why did you choose to become a teacher and work in education?

I had amazing role models in my parents as both were teachers. I knew at five years of age I would be a teacher. I caught the bug young!

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the possibility and potential I see in each student, and when the look of amazement and confidence comes clear in their eyes, and they have the “ah-ha” moment.

What do you most appreciate and love about Prairie School?

I love the ability and opportunity to see the growth of the whole child spanning from age three to age 18. I cherish our community’s ethos, culture, respect and admiration for each other. I also work with amazing colleagues. They know and respect young people and are willing to share and instill knowledge in each and every student.

What do you hope is your legacy as a teacher?

I hope that I have made a difference in even one student’s life — knowing that something I said, did or that the guidance I provided, changed that student in a positive way.


  • Master of Science in Administrative Leadership, UW-Milwaukee
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education & Athletic Training, UW-Madison