Gr. 8: Scheduling Overview for Next Year

Dear Parents of Rising Freshmen,

Can you believe it?  It’s time to begin scheduling for next year’s freshman class.

On Monday, February 2, Ms. Alison Wojahn, the head of our scheduling team, and I will meet with the current 8th graders to begin the process of scheduling upcoming freshmen for next year’s classes.

Please be attentive to and respectful of the dates indicated below.  By doing so, your child is less likely to have schedule problems that are too difficult, if not impossible to correct later in the process.

On Monday, February 2, 8th grade students will gather in the theatre at 10:30 a.m.  We will use the Middle School Flex period to welcome the students to Upper School and explain the scheduling process. Ms. Wojahn, a few Upper School students, and I will be in attendance to help them begin the process. It’s unlikely that students will complete their entire schedule during this process, so most of them will bring their Schedule Worksheet home to complete and share with you. Be on the lookout for this material at home.

The students will have approximately a week to complete their Schedule Worksheet. I will visit 8th grade advisory groups throughout the week of February 2 to answer specific questions; Mrs. Benes, Mr. Albers, and Mrs. Schmidlkofer will also provide assistance to anyone in need of it.

All completed Schedule Worksheets should be signed by a parent and returned to Mrs. Schmidlkofer no later than Wednesday, February 11.

Between the end of Term 2 and spring break, I will assign your child a temporary Upper School advisor; shortly after our return from spring break in April, your child’s temporary advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment for the final phase of the scheduling process. This meeting in April is when the temporary advisory actually enters the selected courses from the Scheduling Worksheet into the scheduling component of our Powerschool program.

Please be advised that it is all but impossible to construct a perfect schedule for 270 Upper School students. Therefore, it is very unlikely that your child’s final schedule will be exactly as he or she designed it originally, but the schedule will contain all the requisite courses. In order to provide the optimal learning experience for all students, the School reserves the right to make changes to schedules as needed to balance sections and teaching assignments.

So, in sum, the important dates to keep in mind are:

  • Monday, February 2 – Rising freshman scheduling begins.
  • Wednesday, February 11 – Return all Schedule Worksheets to Mrs. Schmidlkofer in the Middle School Office.
  • April 6-10 – Expect contact from your child’s temporary advisor to schedule an appointment to finalize your child’s 2015-16 course selection.

I’m very excited to welcome all the incoming freshmen to Upper School, and eagerly await getting to know them and you over the next four years.


Everett McKinney

Head of Upper School