2017 Homecoming Letter

Dear Prairie Community,

On behalf of all Student Government, we are proud to present this year’s Homecoming Week festivities. Student Government, which consists of representatives from each graduating class, has planned activities for all students in the Upper School. The activities are centered around team building and school spirit. The week of fun culminates on Friday afternoon, the day before Homecoming. Throughout the week, students are encouraged to show their school spirit by participating in school dress-up days (see below), competing in relay competitions, and presenting a class cheer to the rest of the Upper School. In addition, girls will compete for the Powderpuff football title.

During the week leading up to the Homecoming Dance on September 30, the Upper School will hold a friendly competition between grades to determine which class has the greatest class spirit, with the winner being awarded the “Spirit Cup.” The theme for the Homecoming Dance this year will be “Casino.” Class shirts and cheers should be based on this theme. Each student is encouraged to participate in the dress-up days. On Wednesday, students will dress for “Generation Day”, which will be unique to each grade. Thursday is “Casino Day”, in which students can dress up as card games and different card hands (blackjack, Texas hold’em, etc.). Students are asked to wear the class shirt or color for their respective graduating class on Friday.

The Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, September 30 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. and will be held in the Upper School Commons area. All students who are attending must enter through Door #8 and be parked or dropped off in the Upper School Parking Lot. Doors close at 8:00 p.m. and students will not be admitted past this time. Unlike previous years, students will not be allowed to leave the dance early. All students (upper and lower classmen) will be dismissed at 9:30. The dance entry fee is $10 per person.

Proceeds from dances and other fundraising events will go to Student Government for future community and charity projects. During Spirit Week, students will be competing to see which grade can donate the most to hurricane relief in Texas and Florida. The winning grade will be rewarded with Spirit Points, while all proceeds will donated to UNICEF. Helping those in need is a priority not only in Student Government, but also in the Prairie community.

If students dance or behave inappropriately, they will be asked to leave. Additionally, students who behave inappropriately must make arrangements with their parents to be sent home. The Dean of Students and Upper School faculty attend the dance as well to monitor behavior and safety. The dance is a fun activity for all the Upper School students to enjoy. We look forward to seeing the positive spirit that students will show throughout this fall celebration.

Best wishes from your Student Government Officers,

Aaditya Kumar, Ryan Anderson, Neel Patel, and Sydney Chen