Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

The Prairie School is a child-centered, college-preparatory day school whose mission is to educate our children; develop their character; nurture their individual talents, interests, and abilities; and affirm their dignity and self-worth.  We foster academic excellence, leadership, creativity and environmental responsibility, emphasizing individual success while teaching the value of service to our local and global communities.

Our Philosophy

By focusing on the whole child, Prairie is committed to creating leaders. This is accomplished by our focus on the “7 A’s”. We shape academic, artistic, athletic, altruistic, active, accountable, and adaptable leaders who stand ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

ACADEMIC. We instill a love of learning at an early age and offer a challenging college-preparatory program where children can excel and succeed while learning how classroom knowledge can be applied to real-life situations.

ARTISTIC. The Prairie School campus was built to inspire. In this environment, we offer strong Fine and Performing Arts programs to ignite the creativity of our students.

ATHLETIC. Even the best academic experiences need to be balanced with a lively athletic program. We teach our young athletes to develop their full potential and use their skills to enrich their everyday lives.

ALTRUISTIC. Prairie students recognize the importance of community and service to others. Service hours are requirements of graduation.

ACTIVE. Students must lead balanced lives. From sports to performing arts to international trips to opportunities and leadership activities, we encourage our students to become involved in their school and the outside world.

ACCOUNTABLE. We instill the belief that individuals are responsible for their own actions. Prairie students are held to a strict personal and academic honor code.

ADAPTABLE. Adaptability to life’s changes takes many forms and adds value to a student’s education at Prairie. Supported by a diverse faculty and student body, our students build confidence in themselves while learning to adjust to changing environment