Interim FAQ

When are the important dates?

  • Interim takes place between Tuesday, May 28th – Friday, June 7th, 2019

Can Interim occur outside of these dates?

Yes. Students who make arrangements and receive approval can complete their Interim project during spring break. Juniors who have made plans and received approval can complete their Interim project later in the summer months (between their Junior and Senior year.)

Can students work with more than one organization for their Interim project?

Yes. Students who choose to may work with two organizations. Students  find that they experience an excellent contrast between career options and various career tracks. Students have also chosen to complete a shadowing opportunity one week and a service project the next.

What do I need to turn in?

  1. Initial proposal: form on website
  2. Final proposal: form on website
  3. Daily journal, reflection, and on-the-job photo in a google doc called Interim_lastname to either Dr. Wheeler (seniors) or Dr. French (juniors).
  4. Proof that a thank-you note was sent

I have district and state track during Interim and will have to miss several days. What should I do?

Students will know of district and state sports dates in advance.  Please be sure  to communicate this with your sponsor and arrange make-up times and dates in order to complete the required 30 to 35 hours per week.

What happens if I don’t turn in my photo, journal and reflection on time?

Students will not receive a passing grade for the Interim program.  Juniors will need to complete the program again and Seniors will not graduate.

How should sponsors prepare?

Thirty to thirty-five hours per week of engaged, meaningful time while actively learning.

What expectations do students have to meet?

Thirty to thirty-five hours per week of engaged, meaningful time while actively learning.

How can parents best help?

Encourage your student to prepare and communicate; the best Interim projects occur when students and sponsors have communicated clearly about expectations and continue to exchange ideas during the planning process. The sponsors sense the student’s commitment and are then more willing to help set up meaningful experiences for a young person who is not just passively waiting for something to happen. Support your son or daughter in making a truly active and engaged Interim experience happen.