Interim Sponsor Information

The Prairie School invites your company to be a sponsor of Interim, a unique internship program that offers our students an exceptional educational experience. Through the Interim Program, Prairie students step outside the classroom into businesses like yours for the opportunity to be involved directly in real-life activities in the working world to expand their knowledge of possible career choices. In the process, a student’s passion for a particular field can grow, be confirmed, or sometimes even lead the student to investigate other career options. The rewards for your business as an Interim sponsor are an intern eager to assist with your workload and the opportunity to help develop a leader for tomorrow.

The most valuable Interim experiences are usually those in which students are able to be The Prairie School Interim Sponsormore than just observers. Our interns have assisted their sponsors in research, report writing, helping design activities, conducting laboratory tests, and a myriad of other tasks and projects. Prairie students have proven to be competent and conscientious, often approaching or equaling the contributions of college interns.

See first hand what our students and alumni have gained from their Interim experience – Testimonials and Picture Gallery.

2019 Program Information

The Interim Program requires the student to spend a minimum of six hours per day on their project, but is subject to considerable flexibility and interpretation. The degree of involvement of a student in your day-to-day activities will, of course, depend on your specific occupation or business. We understand that there are some activities that cannot be experienced by a student for reasons of confidentiality or liability. We promote the idea that many occupations do not involve a limited number of hours, but may require the completion of assigned tasks, no matter how long it takes. We encourage our students to have this attitude in their work with you.

The Interim Program is scheduled from Tuesday, May 28th — Friday, June 7th, 2019. We appreciate your assistance and advice in helping our students develop a suitable project for your organization. The support of our business sponsors enables us to enrich and enhance the educational experience of our students. Please call either of us if you have any questions or would like more information.


Dr. John French, Interim Co-Coordinator:
[email protected]

Dr. Rebecca Wheeler, Interim Co-Coordinator:
[email protected]