Have you ever wished for the chance to try a new artistic or academic endeavor in depth? To spend your day programming, writing, performing, creating, or designing? Summer on the Prairie offers one-hour, two-hour, and half-day specialty workshops designed to help you explore your budding interests! We promise you a hands-on learning environment with expert faculty and a world of opportunities at your fingertips.

New this summer!

Creating with the Stars! (CLICK TO VIEW)

This one-week-long workshop focuses on practicing art in the styles of various famous artists. Students will get a glimpse into the lives of the artists, make observations, learn about various art styles, and have the opportunity to create and develop their own art projects throughout the week inspired by the artists they will learn about.

Grades: 2-6

Get Started on Summer Reading 7 (CLICK TO VIEW)

Have fun reading a required summer reading book in a group setting. With the use of a variety of reading strategies, the course covers the reading of Amina’s Voice. Students are asked to purchase the novel prior to the first class. All students should read the first two chapters of the book they are assigned before June 21st. Additional reading at home will be required. Completion of the course will allow students to easily and successfully complete the novel­-based project at home.

Grades: 7

Intro to Graphic Design (CLICK TO VIEW)

Taught by Prairie’s very own graphic designer, and owner of Gundlach Graphics, Austin Gundlach brings over 15 years of design experience to the classroom.

  • Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, campers will learn the importance of fonts, color, size and hierarchy within digital design. 
  • Utilizing their imagination and real-world examples, campers will learn how to use the type, pen and shape tool. Giving them the ability to create anything they can imagine!
  • By the end of the week, campers will have their very own logo, usable on any online format. 

Real-world examples:

  • Looking to overhaul your new water bottle or laptop with a custom sticker? Look no further.
  • Do you love baking? Design your very own logo to use for stickers to put on your cupcake boxes and social media presence.
  • Are you a video game streamer? Design your very own gaming logo for all your digital platforms.
  • Just get your first car? Design your own decal!

Grades: 9-12

Make Your Own Bead Pets! (CLICK TO VIEW)

Lion keychains and tiger lanyards and bear bracelets, oh my! In this week-long workshop, students will explore the wonderful world of pony bead pets. Students will learn how to create pony bead animal keychains, lanyards, jewelry and make their very own animal companions. Campers will walk away with an understanding of creating with pony beads, their very own bead pet-making kit, and a whole lot of pony bead pets!

Grades: Grades 1-5

Macrame-nia! (CLICK TO VIEW)

In this week-long beginners workshop, students will explore a variety of macrame techniques. Campers will learn how to create key chains, jewelry, wall hangings, and plant hangers. Students will walk away with macrame materials and supplies to continue practicing their macrame skills.

Grades: 3-8

Mad for Mosaics! (CLICK TO VIEW)

In this one week-long weaving workshop, students will learn mosaic techniques using a variety of materials. Students will have the opportunity to mosaic picture frames, flower pots, coasters and wall hangings. Students will learn to creatively design, plan and execute mosaic works of art. This camp is so fun it’ll have your camper saying, “I’m mad for mosaics!”

Grades: 3-8

Pizza Paradise (CLICK TO VIEW)

Have you ever wondered how pizza is made? In Pizza Paradise, students explore a variety of pizza-making techniques and walk away with the knowledge to create Neapolitan, New York, Detroit, and Chicago style pizzas from scratch. Students will learn about cooking in a gas fire pizza oven, leavening, dough hydration and how to create pizza sauce at home. Students will create their own pizzas, appetizers and desserts in this journey to pizza paradise! 

Grades: 7-12

Poetry Performers (CLICK TO VIEW)

Poetry offers mastery of language, and stocks the mind with images and ideas in unforgettable words and phrases, trains and develops our emotional intelligence, and lets us see the world through different perspectives. In this course, you will have the opportunity to read, write, and recite poetry through fun, hands-on activities throughout the week.

Grades: Grades 9-12

We are all Storytellers (CLICK TO VIEW)

Calling all creative writers! This course is specifically designed to explore the different types of traditional and nontraditional methods of storytelling. You will have an opportunity to share stories of your own, both nonfiction and creative, while learning about writing techniques used in mythology, traditional novel writing, and modern media. Through this course you will compile your own portfolio of creative writing to take with you at the end of the week! 

Grades: 9-12

Did you know?

  • 100% of our 2021 workshop participants would recommend us to a friend!