Scholarship FAQs

Students in Grades 1 – 12 are eligible for the Scholarship Program. Families receiving assistance must reapply each academic year, and a scholarship is guaranteed for returning families who continue to qualify financially.

Families who do not apply for the Scholarship Program during their initial Admission process will need to show a significant change in their financial status to be eligible for a future scholarship. Please note: Prairie is unable to promise scholarship money for families who do not apply for the program during their initial Admission process.

We are very proud to support nearly 50% of our students via Scholarship, and we commit to working diligently with every mission match family who is willing to do what is necessary to invest in Prairie. That said, we are unable to guarantee every family’s full needs will be met. Scholarships are based on proven need and the availability of dollars in the current year budget.

No. Scholarship applications are reviewed only after a student has been accepted. A student’s acceptance or denial is independent of a family’s need for financial assistance.

Yes. All Scholarship application are held in the strictest confidence, reviewed only by Prairie’s CFO, the Head of School, and the Senior Director of Admission.

The Admission Department will take into account the income and assets of custodial, non-custodial, and step parents when it comes to deciding on a scholarship amount. Thus, each household is responsible for submitting an individual PFS through FACTS. We realize every family’s situation is different, and welcome your inquiries at 262-752-2525 or [email protected].

Yes. In order to ensure the most current and accurate picture of your finances we require returning families to reapply for a Scholarship each year. While the size of your award is subject may vary should your family’s situation change, you should expect the assistance to continue during your family’s time at Prairie.

Notification of scholarship awards are mailed to returning families in [month], and included in new student Admission packets in [month].