Do-Seum 2017: Imagine, Create

Do-Seum Family Night
Thursday, May 11th
6-8 p.m.


In preparation for Do-Seum, a grand event that occurs every other year here at Prairie, students and teachers commit several months of research on curriculum topics that connect with the surrounding community and beyond. As initiators of inquiry-based learning, students become content experts and synthesize their findings through a variety of activities.

The objectives of a museum project are to:

* Motivate students to develop life-long learning skills
* Facilitate in-depth comprehension of a subject by applying and communicating students’ knowledge through a variety of media and methods
* Create interdisciplinary, interactive environments which meet the needs and stimulate the learning of a variety of learners
* Establish networks between schools, museums, and communities for the purpose of sharing resources
* Build an understanding of how the world developed, our relationships with it and our responsibilities to it

Parents of students are welcome to share aspects of their cultural background during Do-Seum Family Night via mediums such as dancing, storytelling and other hands-on activities. Please add your name in the time slot that works best as well as the activity that you would like to lead. You will receive a call back to confirm details.

Register here to share a cultural aspect

Focus Areas for each grade level in the Do-Seum:

Early School: Imagine, Create, & Build!
Kindergarten: Imagine, Create, & Love Books!
First Grade: Imagine, Create, & Explore!
Second Grade: Imagine, Create, & Discover!
Third Grade: Imagine, Create, & Connect!
Fourth Grade: Imagine, Create, & Learn!

Mrs. Place & Mrs. Boero: Image, Create, & Build Relationships!

Art Show: Imagine, Create, & Contribute!