50 Years of Prairie Display At the Racine Heritage Museum

This fall, Prairie’s third graders partnered with the Racine Heritage Museum to plan, research and create exhibits that showcase significant milestones and events that have occurred throughout Prairie’s history over the past 50 years. Displays include historical photos, yearbooks, newspaper clippings and even the original building permit when the school first began construction in 1965.

Mrs. Grobschmidt notes, “The students have been truly awestruck by the deep history of the School written over 50 years. Their inquiry into the life of the school has been the driving force for what these exhibits can teach the public. They are not only proud of their work, but very proud of their school’s history as well.”

A special thank you to Cheryl Maraccini, current parent and Educational Outreach Coordinator at the museum. She has played an instrumental role each year; students have enjoyed working with her through the process.

On Wednesday, November 19, the museum will open its doors during a private event for third grade students and their families. The entire Prairie community is encouraged to visit the exhibit over the next couple months.

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