An Opportunity for Students to Celebrate the Love of Reading, Learning, and Community

mini golf

Mini golf? using books? in a library? at The ​Prairie School​? It happened!

On Friday, October 17 middle and upper school students spent a few hours after school playing a few rounds of miniature golf in the Student Resource Center (SRC). The books, tables and chairs were arranged into an 18 hole miniature golf course allowing over​ 25 students to compete against each other ​Friday evening​. Eighth grader Sam Christenson came out as the evening’s victor with 34 strokes followed closely by Steve Savas fellow classmate who accumulated 36 strokes.

“The idea came to a me a few weeks back,” shared, McKenzie Weaver, Director of the SRC.

“I thought it would be a great and unique way for middle and upper school students to celebrate National Teen Read Week. I wanted the students to enjoy the SRC as a place of fun and community and not just for work and research.”

Middle and upper school students helped Mrs. Weaver design and set up the course and run the event.

Later this week, middle and upper school students will also participate in a second event to support National Teen Read Week. Students will create artwork using old books and library materials. The artwork will be displayed in the SRC and will then be taken home by students.

Mrs. Weaver notes, “Cultivating a lifelong love of reading and learning is the ultimate goal of the SRC. Events, like the mini golf tournament and book art class, show that books can be fun. The relationships built between a librarian and readers, especially reluctant readers, during events such as these can be vital to the influence on future reading practices.”