Ninth Grader Honored with Wisconsin Stream Monitoring Award

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), was proud to recognize a list of volunteers and organizations who have worked to collect information about natural resources in Wisconsin.  Prairie’s 9th grader, Maya Dizack, was one of five individuals who received the Wisconsin Stream Monitoring Award.

Citizens honored for their work to collect information about natural resources

(DNR – April 16, 2013, Read full article…)

Maya Dizack of Racine was recognized as the outstanding student monitor. Dizack is completing her freshman year at The Prairie School in Racine and began testing a site near her home seven years ago. Today, she and her family monitor three different locations and Maya is an integral member of the Prairie Stream Consortium – a local alliance of community members. She has made presentations to local officials and at the statewide Volunteer Stream Monitoring Symposium, educating and impressing her audience with her knowledge and ability to communicate her important message. Read full article

Maya and her family have played an instrumental role in the Prairie Stream Project.  To learn more about the project, click here. Congratulations Maya!