Prairie Celebrates Diwali

Prairie’s commitment to community and helping students grow in knowledge and respect – this is what made the school’s Diwali celebration on Friday, November 2nd so profound.  It wasn’t just a moment for Prairie’s Indian students.  Or Multicultural Club members.  Or a small group of curious students.

It was a moment for everyone, every Primary, Middle and Upper School student and staffer cheering and clapping, everyone taking part in a traditional Indian festival that celebrates good triumphing over evil.

“Hinduism is one of the great religions of the world,” Dr. Coffman said before the festivities.  “We celebrate the victory of light over darkness, hope over despair, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. These are universal priorities that we all share.”

The celebration included traditional dress and food, displays of rangoli, cultural conversations and a thrilling Indian dance known as Bhangra.

The above excerpt appeared in a story in the latest Prairie Magazine and Report of Giving.