Primary School Student Council: Grade-Level Collaboration and Student Leadership in Action

Student council is a great way for young adults to represent their peers and learn what it means to play a role in the leadership of their school. On most occasions, these student-led groups begin at the middle school or high school level. At Prairie, however, the opportunity to serve on student council begins in Kindergarten and every student is given the chance to become an active member of the group.

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Mrs. Lalonde, fourth grade teacher and student council advisor shares,

“Through Primary School Student Council, children are invited to be part of the larger Prairie community, instilling pride while practicing life-long skills of teamwork and involvement. We feel that this is a tremendous benefit to all students involved. One of the greatest benefits that students receive goes far beyond the changing topic that we focus on every year. Students, ranging in age from five to ten can collaborate on a project that benefits a group larger than themselves or their classroom.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.10.58 PMThis year, eight meetings will take place in preparation for this year’s Museum Project. In honor of Prairie 50th anniversary, Primary School Student Council will create an exhibit named, “Prairie School: Past, Present, Future!” Students will create a giant timeline showcasing major milestones of the school as well as major world events that have taken place throughout the last six decades. As students research, draw and make connections through history, they’re also working with their classmates and peers to gain a deeper understanding of teamwork, grade-level collaboration and, for the older students, leadership. This year’s council is led by teachers Kathryn LaLonde, Abbey Mente,  Michele Steig, Kathy Hart Braun and parent volunteer Shay Borzynski.

Last year, students created an “Attitude of Gratitude” display. The display gave thanks to the administration and Prairie School staff members who plan, organize and assist with day-to-day operations.

The year prior, students hosted a mock election which served as a great way for students to learn and experience what takes place during a presidential election. Students created fictional candidates with platforms revolving around the addition of playground equipment and longer school days.

Primary School Student Council is both fun and rewarding. Students learn how to work together as a team amongst their primary school peers. They learn to present ideas, design and implement projects, and develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This unique experience is yet again another component of Prairie’s curriculum that sets us apart from other schools.