“Education Matters” – A Radio Interview with Dr. Nat Coffman

On Saturday, February 14, Head of School Nat Coffman sat down with Dewayne Olsen, a moderator of the radio show, Education Matters on 91.1FM WGTD. Nat’s 30-minute interview included a discussion regarding Prairie’s mission, philosophy, goals, current community collaborations and a brief history of the school.

During the segment, Dr. Coffman shared,

“Our mission is to take every child where they are and grow them to the next level. Our school is student-centered, which translates to a lot of differentiation. We empower teachers to find the right method and tools that work for each student…. We pride ourselves in creating students who are creative problem solvers and outstanding communicators.”

Dr. Coffman’s interview also included discussions on:

  • The concept of a creating a teaching community around a “Growth Mindset” mentality
  • A strength-based approach to teaching and working with students
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) curriculum at Prairie
  • The role of technology in the classroom
  • Writing and research at Prairie and why our students are exceptionally prepared for college
  • Co-curricular activities and academic success – research and insights
  • Explanation of the Wisconsin private school tax deduction
  • Scholarship endowment and opportunities for students and families

Click here to listen to the interview.