Giving Garden

Welcome to the Giving Garden

Prairie’s Giving Garden is a space on campus that serves to support our Primary School curriculum, as well as our community at large. Driven by the efforts of teacher Christine Henke Mueller, who models her science curriculum on the national Edible Schoolyard Project, the aim of maintaining the Giving Garden is to teach students about sustainability, as well as the benefits and processes of growing your own food.

Any student is welcome to contribute their time and energy to the Giving Garden. The Primary School classes (Pre-K through Grade 4) are most directly involved, using the garden spaces for classroom instruction and reading time whenever it benefits the lesson being taught; in the Spring, all Primary School students plant something in the garden and in the Fall, Early School and Kindergarten students help harvest. Art classes use garden spaces and all students have access to sit in the garden to read. Students and members of the Prairie community may also volunteer time to help maintain the garden throughout the year, including the summer months.

Students grow, tend, and harvest several varieties of plants in the Giving Garden, as well as Prairie’s on-campus greenhouse — including vegetables, fruit, herbs, even edible flowers.

Some of the food students grow is used for cooking demonstrations in Grades 3/4 science classes, some goes to our Dining Room to be utilized for our Lunch Program. and some is donated to the local food bank.

For Grades 3/4, science class focuses heavily on the importance of food. Students routinely grow and tend to crops — getting their hands dirty — in the Giving Garden. These trips are supplemented by lessons in the classroom about biology, nutritional science, and actual cooking sessions! Students plan and prepare dishes that represent the different items in their garden plots and greenhouse — everything from lasagna to donuts made from beets!