Prairie’sSeason of Joy

Season of Joy

Alyson Horton

My girls LOVE school! They are so excited for their first day each fall, for every day! I love hearing them in the backseat as we drive into the parking lot call out to all their friends they see walking in. It’s such a joy as a parent to see your kids happily and confidently walk into school every day excited to learn.

Betsy McPhee

In addition to many academic and social accomplishments, one joyful memory is watching both my step kids achieve State Championship titles with their respective soccer programs. An accomplishment that takes a lot of hard work, team collaboration, and assistance from the great staff and athletic programs at Prairie.

Adam Stout

I started at Prairie in May. I was drawn to Prairie for its reputation as a school focused on developing the whole person - the hands, the heart, and the mind. Since joining Prairie, I've seen this in action and feel so grateful to be part of such a strong and connected community. In College Counseling, I'm proud of the students and families that think beyond the typical college options. They put their trust in our expertise and, as a result, they find schools that are great matches. As the acceptances start rolling in, it has been a blast celebrating with the Seniors and reflecting on the culmination of their hard work over many years! Thanks to the faculty and parents and students for welcoming me to the Prairie community. I'm thrilled to be here.

Joe Manley

I was so grateful to get back out on field trips this fall. It was an absolute joy to be out in nature exploring the trails with our kindergarteners this fall at Hawthorn Hollow.

Sammie Woodward

I have so many favorite memories from my time as a student at Prairie. However, one of the best ones was playing in the state basketball tournament my freshman year and all the incredible support we received from our fellow students, the faculty and the staff. It was so much fun!

Pat Badger

Directing concerts and musicals, I've always enjoyed seeing the spotlight on others centerstage. But, in case you aren't aware, there are always dedicated theatre techies setting up "the look." Those are hands behind the spots, and sound, and lights. Working in "The Booth" is like orchestrating in silence; it takes knowledge, finesse, and on the spot decision making. A few weeks ago in a recording session I was hanging out in one of our cozy theatre seats when I decided to trek up to the booth. And there THEY were - just as I remember - the tech director and two students, making adjustments for the 7/8 musical while the recording was in process. Because art is never done; it's a process. From my Rolodex of Alums, I could have substituted many faces. But, the point is this: the spirit of Prairie theatre continues. Through so many, many seasons of Joy. Caught in the act of legacy making. I smiled all the way out the door. For that giving, much gratitude.

The holidays are a time of love, laughter, and spreading light. This year, the Development Office is on a mission to collect joyful moments that have unfolded in our hallways.

Our Season of Joy kicks off on Giving Tuesday (11/30) – watch this page and social media channels for special TPS memories and stories that have impacted the lives of our alumni, faculty, parents, and friends.

Have a moment you'd like to share? Simply click here and join the Prairie community in coming together during this Season of Joy!