The Value of A Prairie School Education

The Value of A Private School Education

A Prairie School education is an investment, not only in your child, but in the future – and the returns on that investment are priceless.

An ongoing U.S. Department of Education Study has revealed that, compared with their peers in public schools, students in independent schools watch less television, achieve the highest reading proficiency level, are more engaged with homework, extracurricular activities and athletics, take more advanced coursework, and have higher aspirations for college and/or university study.

More specifically, the value of a Prairie School education is evident when you consider the outcomes that such an education typically produces. Over the past decade, 25 of the Racine area’s 59 National Merit semi-finalists were Prairie graduates. The most recent class of seniors earned admission offers from 137 of the best colleges and universities in the United States, and they were awarded merit scholarships totaling a record $7.4 million.

Prairie School seniors routinely post the highest college placement test scores in southeast Wisconsin. And many of our graduates earn college credit through studies in our extensive Advanced Placement Program, featuring the full array of AP courses. At some colleges and universities, these credits enable our students to graduate early, thereby reducing the cost of a college education.

Of course, the true value of a Prairie School education goes beyond fully preparing your child or young adult for post-secondary study. A Prairie School education is about unlocking potential. It is about instilling in each student a lifelong love of learning starting in the earliest grades. It is about inspiring and equipping them to lead lives of integrity, purpose, and accomplishment. 

Think about the amazing return-on-investment (ROI) from an education like that.

Our Perspective and Commitment

As one of the top private day schools in the United States, Prairie operates independently from local, state, and federal government funding. This position enables Prairie to provide a unique, child-centered and individualized learning environment – one that features unparalleled opportunities to develop challenging, innovative, and custom educational programs. Such independence, however, makes The Prairie School completely dependent on tuition revenue and other revenue sources (annual giving, endowment interest, and auxiliary endeavors) to support the faculty and the broad range of programs that are offered. In fact, the total cost of educating a Prairie student over the course of a school year is, on average, nearly $3,000 more than our tuition price. The other revenue sources help subsidize all students, including those who do not receive financial aid.