New Bell Schedule for 2017-18

Dear Upper and Middle School Families,

Two years ago we implemented a daily schedule that had no passing time.  After two years of using that model, we have tweaked the 2017-18 daily schedule to restore passing times.

With the proximity of classrooms off the Upper School Commons and in the Middle School wing, we all agreed (students included) that five minutes for passing time was too much.  However, two minutes of passing time is sufficient for students to arrive from the Fieldhouse/JAC, Performing Arts Wing, or Art Center to classes in the Middle or Upper School area.

Please see your child’s schedule for the new start and end times of each class.  You will notice two minutes of passing time between class periods 1- 2; 4-5; and 9-10.  The order of period rotations has remained the same, and we have maintained a few minutes of time at the end of the day for students to see teachers or advisors as necessary.

Our hope is that these refinements will reduce tardiness and facilitate smooth transitions between classes.


Everett McKinney
Head of Upper School


Bonnie Benes
Head of Middle School