Rick Fields, Senior Director of Marketing

Rick Fields, Senior Director of Marketing

  • # Years in Education 14
  • # Years at Prairie 3

Why did you choose to become a teacher and/or work in education?

The joy and satisfaction that comes from being in an environment that is all about learning, discovery, knowledge, personal growth, character and skill development, mentoring and collaboration cannot be matched in any other field of endeavor. Our “product” has changed lives. That is pretty cool, to put it mildly. I have found that people who work in education, especially those who work at Prairie, do so because they see it as a calling more than merely as a career. I guess you could say that this perspective or mindset has rubbed off on me…

What inspires you?

Being around highly intelligent, creative, dedicated, and passionate educators … i.e., learners and leaders … greatly inspires me. Similarly, seeing children and young adults grow as learners and budding leaders on a day-in-and-day-out basis is indescribably inspiring to me.

What are highlights of your professional background and/or training?

Nearly 30 years in the corporate business world, around and among leaders of Fortune 500 companies, has helped me to appreciate how valuable and special a Prairie School education is … and how grateful we all should be for the parents who have entrusted their children’s formal education to us, for our teachers who truly make Prairie extraordinary and amazing, and for the staff, trustees, volunteers, and donors who provide the managerial and financial resources required to make all of this possible.

What do you most appreciate and/or love about Prairie School?

Our mission, vision, educational philosophy and approach, caliber / quality of faculty and staff, student-centered culture, and incredibly strong (and impressive!) track record of preparing Prairie graduates for college … and life.


  • Master of Science in Communication, Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois)
  • Master of Business Administration, UW-Madison (Madison, Wisconsin)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religion & History, Carthage College (Kenosha, Wisconsin)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Sociology, University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Adjunct Professor in Business Administration, Carthage College
  • Adjunct Professor in Business Administration, UW-Parkside



“I love being here because I find that teachers and staff at Prairie are here because they see it as a calling more than merely a career.”

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