Beaking the Ice with Prairie's Mascot

By Communications Department | Student Life

The following article appeared as The Last Word feature in the Fall 2015 issue of Prairie

We see him at sporting events and pep rallies. His profile is emblazoned in the middle of the field house floor. He’s Mo, our very own prairie hawk, the school’s biggest fan and the personification of school spirit. And now in this new question and answer forum, he’s ready to answer all The Prairie School questions you always wanted to ask, but never did. Since you haven’t been able to submit any questions yet, we thought we’d start off with an interview to help you get to know Mo.

When did you land at The Prairie School? 

Mo: 50 years ago. Been shakin’ my tail feathers ever since.

When is your birthday? 

Mo: Believe it or not, it’s the same as Sam Johnson: March 2, 1928. But I’ve been told I’m young at heart.

What’s your favorite sport?

Mo: I can’t just pick one. Basketball and tennis for sure, but also all the other WIAA division 4 sports in which we compete: baseball, cross country, golf, soccer, track & field and volleyball.

What’s your shoe size and do you even own a blue blazer? 

Mo: No comment.

What do you love most about The Prairie School? 

Mo: The Prairie School is my family; there’s a genuine sense of community. Everyone here is accepted, valued and encouraged to be the best version of themselves they can be. 

What is your favorite dance move? 

Mo: I can’t reveal all my secrets. What I can say, however, is that my moves are on point. It’s yet another reason to come back to campus for a home game.

Favorite foods?

Mo: I’m a bird of eclectic tastes, but one item that tops my list: cinnamon rolls.

Biggest regret?

Mo: Turning down the Discovery Channel. Woohoo! Shark Week, big deal.

Favorite English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author? 

Mo: Stephen Hawking, of course.

Favorite architects?
If you can’t guess, they are Charles Montooth and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Were the birds in Hitchcock’s movie by the same name really villains, or were they just misunderstood? 

Mo: Alfred and I had a falling out. He was a good friend, then he made that movie and we haven’t spoken since. I really don’t care much for Poe either.

How can we get as much school spirit as you?

Mo: That would be unlikely, but I do encourage you to check out the online store on the athletics page of our website. We have options for Hawks of all sizes.