Starting every year together, Prairie students build trust and camaraderie away from campus.

By Communications Department | Student Life, Upper School

It’s been 22 years since the Upper School went to Camp Manito-wish in Boulder Junction, WI  for the first time.

Prior to that, US faculty facilitated their own outdoor education course, but without proper training it was a challenge. When outdoor education leader and biology teacher Kevin Will was introduced to Camp Manito-wish, he knew immediately he’d found the key to a successful program. Combining the outdoor experience with collaborative leadership training yielded just what he was looking for: the perfect way to further fulfill Prairie’s goal of educating leaders.

As stated on the camp’s website, “We believe that everyone has the potential to grow in wisdom and stature, to be a positive voice, to be engaged in their community. Put simply, to be a leader. Here, youth encounter a variety of unique, challenging, even life-changing experiences, gaining deeper wisdom, stronger spiritual connections and renewed confidence along the way.”

TPS participates in the camp’s comprehensive four-year program for high schoolers featuring a new experience every school year. Each year builds on the one before, providing incremental skills honed in age-appropriate settings. From in-camp team building as freshmen to a kayaking trip for seniors, Camp Manito-wish serves as the backdrop for the unfolding of self-discovery and important life lessons.