This week we highlight the people who make Prairie so special –– our teachers.

By Rachel Shuster | Middle School, Student Life

Alan Mills

MS Social Studies, Department Chair
Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach
8th Grade D.C. Trip Coordinator

Over this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve spent time thanking the educators that make Prairie such a great place. The next teacher you’re about to meet turned the process around, spreading thanks and praise back out across the Prairie community.

That’s just who Alan Mills is.

If you recognize the 15-year TPS veteran, that’s probably because you’ve seen him all over campus — coaching basketball games, making announcements in MS morning meeting, exchanging hellos with his colleagues in the hallways. For Mills, Prairie is about its people.

What do you like most about teaching at TPS?
“Teaching at a place like Prairie is what every educator dreams about when starting this career path. I have the freedom to truly challenge and engage students each day. And a place like Prairie is so much more than just a school. It is truly a community — a community of families, educators and learners. As much as the students, I find myself challenged each day to do more and to be at my best.”

What is your favorite TPS memory?
“I would have to say the people are my favorite memories. You have a chance to cultivate lasting friendships in a community like Prairie with incredible people — I couldn’t even begin to name them all. Some are still here, some have moved, but each has made me a better person because our paths crossed on the courts, fields, and in the curved halls of The Prairie School.”


We’re grateful for the service of our teachers all year round. You can help Prairie’s teachers continue to progress by making a gift in support of Faculty Development at The Prairie School.