This week we highlight the people who make Prairie so special –– our teachers.

Zach Nacev

MS Social Studies
US Humanities (World History, U.S. Literature)
JV Girls’ Soccer Coach
Adviser, Prairie Leadership Society
Earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago in Social Science (Latin American History)

We’re excited to start our Thank A Teacher week profiles with Zach Nacev. Despite being in his first year at Prairie, Nacev has already become a key fixture in campus life. Whether instructing, coaching, or advising, he appreciates the innovation happening here each day, and looks forward to watching the progression of his students through the years.

How does TPS feel different from other schools?
“Prairie has a lot more freedom in terms of what students can do, the assignments that they can work on, the ways they can show what they know — which is great, because it makes it more fun for me to work with students in that environment.”

What do you like most about teaching at TPS?
“Working with the students has been great. They’re engaged, they’re curious at a variety of levels. It’s fun to see them and coach them.”

What’s been your favorite TPS tradition?
“The Multicultural Fair was awesome.”

What is something you look forward to every year at TPS?
“I’m looking forward to working in a small school, seeing the kids grow up and go through the different classes — maybe seeing some of the kids I’m teaching in 10th grade, in a different age group next year.”

What is your favorite Prairie memory?
“Some of the stuff I’m most proud of this year is the time I get to work individually with students on their writing, research, and critical thinking. If I can have that sort of reputation here of being someone who is a good coach — as much as being someone who knows things about English and history — I think that would be of value.”

What’s your favorite part of each day at TPS?
“Just walking through the halls at 8:25 on the way to class, saying good morning to people. People are pretty cheerful in the morning!”

Fun fact: Something students might not know about Mr. Nacev…
“I’ve been to 47 of the 50 states.”

What’s left?

“Hawaii, Alaska and Arkansas.”

Each day during National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7th-11th) we will be telling the stories of our teachers, coaches, advisors, and faculty members. You can help Prairie’s teachers continue to progress by making a gift in support of Faculty Development at The Prairie School.

Did You Know: Every full-time teacher in Prairie’s Upper School possesses a Master’s Degree or higher.