Webinar: The Importance of an Early School Education

Webinar: The Importance of an Early School Education

For three and four year olds, life is filled with intrigue, exploration, and discovery. It is important to satisfy a chid’s insatiable thirst for learning with hands-on opportunities that engage minds, hands, and hearts. When a young child feels good about school, attitudes are formed that promote a lifetime of intellectual growth and inquisitiveness. Our early school childhood program nurtures children to become confident learners while also learning independence, cooperation, and tolerance.

Presentation Overview

During this 30 minute presentation, Prairie’s educators will provide insight and answers to the following questions …

  • What is the value of an early school program?
  • Why is it worth investing in a private school education?
  • What should I expect from the Early School program at Prairie?
  • Is my child ready? What is a daycare not providing that Prairie does?
  • What does Prairie’s admissions process look like?

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