Thank You to Our Donors

We are so thankful for everyone — the generous alumni, parents, faculty, volunteers, board members, corporations, and foundations — who help The Prairie School excel every day. Your contributions of time and resources allow the School to provide students, teachers, and the entire Prairie School community with diverse opportunities and experiences.  Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

Here is a message from two current students:

Annli '18

My name is Annli Nakayama. I have been attending Prairie since 8th grade. Over these years, I have had the privilege of participating in countless activities that have made me grow as a student, an artist, and a leader.

Music is an extremely important part of my life, having played violin since I was four years old, and Prairie has given me every opportunity to make music I love and gain valuable experience as both a solo performer and as a member of a larger group – be it a choir, orchestra, string ensemble, small chorale, or jazz combo. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the school musicals and plays.

Prairie is an active and engaged school environment with countless chances for students to explore interests. I serve as a junior representative of our Student Government, the vice president of French Club, and as a committee member in Multicultural Club. A few weeks ago, I helped organize the Multicultural Fair, a celebration of the diverse Prairie community with students and parents sharing food, dance, and other aspects of their cultures with other students, faculty, and parents. It was wonderful to see so many people come together!

I’ve also been a part of Spectrum (Prairie’s genders and sexualities alliance) and Science Olympiad. Under the leadership of our amazing teachers and the hard work of our team members, this year we took 6th place as a team at the Wisconsin State Science Olympiad.

Prairie has helped me discover new passions and immerse myself in diverse experiences that have made me grow as a student and an individual. I would not be the person I am today without Prairie. Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting this extraordinary place. Prairie is not simply a school, but a community that supports every student and lifts up unparalleled academics as well as athletics, arts, leadership, and more. Your support makes Prairie’s incredible programs, engaged faculty, and transformative education possible.

Thank you,
Annli Nakayama

Michael '18

My name is Michael Ge. I’ve attended Prairie ever since I was five, starting all the way back in kindergarten with Mrs. Steffenson. Even though I’m one year from being a true  “lifer,” I have treated this place as a second home; whether I’m recollecting childhood memories as I walk through the circular hallway surrounding the Giving Garden or eating and laughing in the dining room, Prairie has brought a sense of comfort, friendliness, and an unrivalled nurturing atmosphere for growth.

Throughout high school, I’ve involved myself with Science Olympiad and Robotics. Sophomore year, I joined Science Olympiad out of curiosity because I heard announcements during Morning Meeting about the awards and accolades that people were earning. After joining, I found that there were topics that connected with my preexisting interest in biology, and participated in several meets and events.

I looked towards other extracurriculars, eager to find out what else was available. This year, I joined the newly-minted Robotics Team after a friend told me that it would be interesting to anyone, even if they had no prior experience in robotics. Seeing as how I fell into that category of “completely clueless in robotics,” I thought that they were simply trying to get me in the club for the sake of attendance. I was wrong on both cases — I am now an active member of the club and eager to attend. Meeting after school, we started the design process for a robot that we would create, modify, and spend countless hours on throughout the year.

Our task as a team was deceptively simple — construct a bot that could throw foam stars and cubes over an eleven-inch high fence to score points. The problems presented themselves immediately after we attended our first competition, where we did not do nearly as well as we hoped to. We went through this process of modification and improvement for months, attending competitions regularly to gauge both ourselves and the competition.

After trial and tribulation, and innumerable hours dedicated to our robot, our team made it to the state-level competition. Held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, schools from all across Wisconsin and Illinois were in attendance as the day-long competition ensued. We did not qualify for the national competition, but we were already proud of our achievement.

I would like to thank everyone who makes the Prairie dream possible. Your contributions are the very investments that make experiences like mine a reality. The friends and memories made at this school don’t simply fade, but last a lifetime because of your generosity.

So again, thank you!
Michael Ge, Class of 2018