Upper School Attendance

September 13, 2016

Dear Parents,

This note is regarding students’ attendance in the Upper School and our expectations.  In the Family Handbook found on the school’s website, it states that students are expected to attend at least 90% of all school days in each course every semester.  Should an inordinate amount of absences become an issue, possible consequences include but are not limited to: After School Study Hall (ASSH), work duty, detention, a written warning, or even a request to withdraw from the school. A contract for the next school year may also be denied based on a student’s attendance record.  For further information, please see page 46 via the following link: https://www.prairieschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/2016-2017FamilyHandbook.pdf

Being on time and staying the entire school day is also an expectation.  If a student is late to school without a valid reason (i.e. a school bus was running late) more than three times in a semester, appropriate consequences will follow.  Our school day ends at 3:35, no student should leave before that time unless it is for an appointment or a school sponsored event.  Simply put, students should leave when their 10th-period teacher dismisses them, not when they feel like it.

Other than a few hiccups here and there, we are off to a strong start.  These are simple, yet necessary reminders.  Please assist us in making sure your children are here at school, on time and for its entire duration.


Jason Atanasoff
Dean of Students