Do-Seum 2017: Imagine, Create, & _______

The Do-Seum encapsulates all of the best parts of Prairie:  hands-on involvement, putting education into action, and endless amounts of creativity.

Just like this year’s Tiny House unit in the Middle School and the Senior Capstone Projects, Do-Seum engages students and allows them to be the initiators of their own learning. By exploring their own questions and curiosities, these emerging scholars become content experts and share their findings through a variety of activities and products. This year’s Do-Seum was on Thursday, May 11.

Each grade had a theme:

Early School:  Imagine, Create, & Build!
Kindergarten: Imagine, Create, & Love Books!
First Grade: Imagine, Create, & Explore!
Second Grade: Imagine, Create, & Discover!
Third Grade: Imagine, Create, & Connect!
Fourth Grade: Imagine, Create, & Learn!
Mrs. Place & Mrs. Boero:  Imagine, Create, & Build Relationships!
Art Show: Imagine, Create, & Contribute!

Here’s a peek into this year’s excitement:

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