Getting to Know Ana Moreno, School Counselor

Getting to Know Ana Moreno, School Counselor

anaAna has been a valued member of the Prairie community since joining us just over two years ago. As the school counselor, she’s instrumental in supporting our students, faculty and families.

What does your position entail at Prairie?

Goodness, what doesn’t my position as Prairie’s school counselor entail? I support students’ social emotional well-being at Prairie both directly, through friendship groups and conversations with students, and indirectly, through ongoing communication with teachers, administrators, and parents. Whether it is friendship and relationship issues, stress, loss or if someone is just stopping in to let me know some exciting news, my door is always open.

Why did you choose to  work in education?

I’ve worked in education for about six years. I have a passion for working with kids and was always that person my friends and family went to if they needed an objective ear or some unbiased advice. Being a school counselor seems to marry these two qualities together seamlessly. It has allowed me the opportunity to make a difference in young people’s lives every day. I could not ask for a more rewarding career.

What inspires you?

The small acts of kindness that I see taking place every day inspire me. Our goal is not only to help our students achieve academic success, but to help them become kind, considerate and empathetic adults as well.

What are highlights of your professional background and/or training?

Prior to coming to Prairie, I was lucky enough to work as a long-term substitute counselor at many different schools in San Diego Unified School District. Not only did this allow me to work with many different age groups and populations of students, but I was also able to see how many different schools handled similar issues. While here at Prairie, I have been instrumental, along with the Compass Team, in spearheading the Parents as Partners series and have begun, under the direction of our new Head of School Dr. Nat Coffman, working on developing a partnership amongst Racine area high schools to combat student drug and alcohol use.

What do you hope is your legacy as a teacher?

I hope I am remembered as a great listener and someone who was always ready and willing to help any way I could.

What do you love about Prairie School?

I absolutely love the fact that I work with educators who feel as strongly about helping students succeed as I do. I have worked at many different schools and have never found a group of people who care more about and are willing to do more to help students achieve success.

More Information

  • Contact Ana at 262.752.2662 / [email protected]m
  • Years in Education: 6
  • Years at Prairie: 2
  • Education: MS, Educational Counseling, National University & BA, Art with Emphasis in Graphic Design, San Diego State University