Homecoming Week

Dear Prairie Parents,

On behalf of all Student Government, we are proud to present the Homecoming Week festivities. Student Government, which consists of five representatives from each graduating class, has planned activities for all students in the high school centered around community building and school spirit. These activities will take place on Friday afternoon the day before Homecoming. Throughout the week students are encouraged to show their school spirit by participating in school dress up days. Each grade will present a cheer to the rest of the Upper School to show that grade’s school spirit.

Spirit Week

The week leading up to the Homecoming dance on October 1, the upper school will hold a friendly competition between grades to determine which class has the greatest class spirit, with the winner being awarded the “Spirit Cup.” The theme for the Homecoming dance this year will be “Classic Hollywood”, bringing to mind the 40’s and 50’s hollywood elite, with their decadent lifestyles, the dazzling lights and glamorous ambiance. Each person is encouraged to participate in the following dress up days that were decided by Student Government:

Pajama Day-Monday
A relaxed way to start Spirit Week, students may dress as if they had just rolled out of bed! Slippers, nightgowns, and robes are encouraged.

Generation Day-Tuesday
For Generation Day, the Freshmen will be babies, Sophomores will be preppy college students, Juniors will be middle-aged professionals, and Seniors will be senior citizens.

Hollywood/celebrity look-alike day- Wednesday
To embody the Homecoming theme, students will dress as their favorite celebrity or classic Hollywood character.

Salad Dressing-Thursday
For Salad Dressing Day, students will embody certain salad dressings. The freshmen will be blue cheese dressing, the sophomores will be thousand island, the juniors will be ranch, and the seniors will be caesar dressing.

Class Theme Day- Friday
Students wear class tee-shirts individually designed by each class in accordance to the theme.

The Homecoming dance will take place on Saturday, October 1 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 and will be held in Prairie’s Upper School commons area. Students must go through Door #8 and must be parked or dropped off in the Upper School Parking Lot. Doors close at 8:00 p.m. and students will not be admitted past this time, nor will they be allowed to re-enter the dance after leaving. The dance entry fee is $10, and all proceeds will go to Student Government for future projects.

If students dance or behave inappropriately, they will be asked to leave. Additionally, students who act inappropriately must make arrangements with their parents to be sent home. Teachers of the Upper School will chaperone the dance to monitor their behavior. The dance is a fun activity for the entire Upper School for all the students to enjoy. We look forward to seeing the positive spirit that students will show in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,

The Student Government Officers:

Ricky Granger, Nathan Engstrom, Olivia Scumaci, and Andrew Liu 🙂