Catching Up with Alumni: Sanchez ’06, Mullane ’13, Trotter

Catching Up with Alumni – Sanchez ’06, Mullane ’13, Trotter

Our daughter, Mara, 26, (Prairie ’05; Lawrence ’09,) called last week from Minneapolis to tell us she was offered a new job. She also said her personal business was growing with new customers. “Things are poppin'”, she exclaimed. All three of our children (including Ari, 28 and Nico, 24, in Chicago) are living independently and, as my wife, Jan, likes to add  “none need to live with us!”

Nearly every day I  hear about other former Prairie students doing well. From success in their careers, to playing collegiate sports, to a wonderful first-year college experience, our alumni are making their mark.

Tyler Sanchez, Class of 2006

Tyler Sanchez graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2010. Since then, he has worked for Google in Mountain View, CA and is currently the User Insights Analyst for the Android operating system in San Francisco, CA. In high school, he was captain of the boy’s varsity tennis team and the State Champion for the boy’s varsity soccer team. Not to mention, he was also active in the Student Government and Key Club. Tyler wrote,

“I am frequently reminded of the benefits of my Prairie education. For me I would say the biggest benefits (besides a first class academic education) boils down to the diversity of opportunities, the 1:1 relationships with teachers, and the many opportunities to lead. At no other school could I have learned to blow glass, participated in a musical, served on the Honor Committee, played two hours of tennis a day with 1:1 coaching, spent two weeks on a school-sponsored trip to Spain perfecting my Spanish, brought World War II alive through a live re-enactment in my AP History class, actively participated in the Student Government, taken music lessons on-site, and planned a Christmas party to benefit the elderly — all in the same year. Yes, many schools offer one or two of these programs, but few offer as much diversity, opportunities to lead, and the personalized relationships that Prairie has always provided its students in part due to the smaller more intimate size of the school.”

Meghan Mullane, Class of 2013

Just last year, Meghan Mullane, played on Prairie’s highly ranked girls’ soccer team.  She is now at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she joined the crew team. She wrote about her experience,

“I’m so glad I joined the crew team. It’s been one of my most favorite experiences in college thus far. I’ve met such great girls, and I love the intensity of being an athlete and part of a team. We work out 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week and I’m doing pretty well. I’m consistently testing (on the ergometers) in the top ten of freshman (including the 8 recruits!) out of like 60+. It’s such a full body workout!”

Marcus Trotter and Michael Trotter

I loved coaching Marcus and Michael Trotter in eighth grade basketball at Prairie because the twins had fun AND played hard–every day! Both now play for UW-Madison’s top ranked football team. I was able to have breakfast Sunday morning with Marcus–following a Saturday night victory in which he played a major role on defense.

He told me he is majoring in Pre-Medicine with a demanding academic load, and Michael in Accounting. We also talked about a possible future in football for the boys, but Marcus emphasized his dad wanted the boys to have a serious option outside of sports.

Marcus and Michael attended Prairie from 1996 – 2007.