The Prairie School Turned Into a Museum for a Week

The week of Monday, May 4 – Friday, May 8, Prairie’s Primary School transformed into a museum of culture and history. Students and teachers committed months of research, building and planning in preparation for the 7th biennial Museum, “Around the World in 175 Days.”

The museum opened it’s doors to family, friends, and community members on Wednesday, May 6. Visitors were guided by student docents through models, artifacts, hands-on exhibits and highlights of the school year’s curriculum. In honor of Prairie’s 50th Anniversary, the Primary School Student Council’s also displayed a special exhibit, “The Prairie School: Past, Present, Future!”

2014-15 Highlights

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About the Museum Project

Every other school year, our Primary School participates in a year-long student-created museum project. Students and teachers research a topic of importance to the school and surrounding community and Prairie’s youngest scholars — Early School through Fourth Grade — become content experts synthesizing their findings, creating an exhibition plan and designing displays.

Through this unique model, students also become teachers and initiators of inquiry-based learning. The concept behind this project is based on the work of educator Peg Koetsch and author of Learning on Display, Linda D’Acquisto.

Check Out a Few Pictures From This Year’s Project!