Winter Formal Tips for Parents

Winter Formal Tips for Parents

Dear Upper School Prairie Parents,

As another Prairie Upper School dance approaches, the enjoyment and safety of our students in is the forefront of our minds.  As your student begins planning for Winter Formal weekend, please look through the following helpful tips on how to ensure your child has a fun and safe weekend.

  • Know what your student’s plan is for before, during and after Winter Formal. Make an agreement with them that they will let you know if there is any deviation from that plan.
  • Set a clear curfew. The legal curfew for minors, all those under the age of 18, in Racine County is 11:00 p.m. Stay up until or have your child wake you up when they come home.
  • Know how your child plans to get to and from the dance, as well as to and from any after-dance festivities. Have a conversation with your child about what they should do and who they should call if their ride falls through for whatever reason.

Although the vast majority of our students are consistently making positive choices, it is important to remember that when students are trained to take healthy intellectual, artistic and athletic risks, they may be tempted to take unhealthy risks as well when finding themselves in particular situations. To ensure that your child is making positive choices this weekend please consider:

  • If you child is planning on attending a party before or after Winter Formal, get the address and parent’s phone number of the party giver. Personally contact the host parents to make sure adults will be both present and visible, and alcohol and other drugs will not be allowed.
  • If your child is planning on spending the night somewhere, personally contact those parents and ensure there will be adult supervision throughout the night and substances will not be allowed.
  • Reinforce that under no circumstances should your child ever get into a vehicle with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.

If your child is hosting a party before or after Winter Formal, talk with your child about and agree upon rules ahead of time including:

  • No illegal substances allowed, no leaving and returning, limited number of attendees and where they are allowed to go in the house.
  • Check bags and purses when guests arrive for any alcohol, pills or other substances, and do not allow guests to bring their own beverages.
  • If the party is downstairs, have students leave all of their bags and coats upstairs.

Remember that if you host a party, you are criminally responsible and civilly liable for the behavior of your underage guests and please BE HOME, BE VISIBLE and BE AWARE!

If you have any questions about the laws regarding underage use, our school’s statistics from the FCD survey conducted last winter, the latest research on the damage alcohol and other drugs do to developing brains, the increased risk of adult substance issues associated with the early substance use of any kind, advice on supervision, or how to talk about illegal substances with your child please – do not hesitate to contact either of us.


Ana Moreno, School Counselor & Camille Jensen-Guion, School Nurse