The Prairie Fund FAQ

Prairie Fund FAQ

Why does Prairie have a Prairie Fund campaign?

Like so many independent schools, our school relies on financial gifts to balance the operating budget – a budget that includes strong support of academics, the arts and athletics. Each contribution provides the funds necessary to meet the School’s ongoing needs. Unlike restricted gifts and gifts in support of student tuition assistance, which are limited in their use, the Prairie Fund provides our school with unrestricted funding to sustain innovative curricula, general improvements, and ultimately impart a sustainable future.

Who is asked to contribute to the Prairie Fund?

Parents, faculty and staff, board members, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents and friends of the community are invited to participate each year. Individuals are asked to contribute at whatever level they can afford.

What percentage of Prairie Fund dollars supports students?

Because the sole purpose of the Prairie Fund is to benefit students through curriculum enrichment, 100% of these funds directly impact the students.

Why is participation so important?

All gifts to the Prairie Fund matter. Many outside organizations, such as foundations and corporations, look at the rate of participation when making funding decisions; a high participation rate is a sign of confidence in the school.

How is the Prairie Fund Campaign conducted?

A group of parent volunteers work closely with Chris Fusco, Senior Director of Development, to contact parents, teachers, board members and friends of The Prairie School through direct mail and/or telephone solicitation each fall. The Prairie Fund campaign runs in conjunction with the fiscal year, July 1st – June 30th.

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