AP Exams: Important Information for Parents of AP Students

AP Exams: Important Information for Parents of AP Students 

By Monday, March 9, your AP student will have received an informational booklet about AP exams. By Wednesday, March 18, they will need to confirm with their teacher whether or not they plan to take the AP exam. In addition to the information provided in the booklet, here are a few points to consider:

Why take the exam?

  • Students may earn college credit or place out of college courses based on their exam scores (colleges’ policies vary)
  • High AP scores can strengthen college applications
  • A student with a low AP exam score may choose not to report that score on college applications
  • Colleges reviewing applications usually look for AP exam scores from AP classes taken junior year or earlier

Why not take the exam?

  • Each exam costs $94
  • Some colleges offer credit only for scores of 4 or 5, which are difficult to obtain

The College Counseling office will order AP exams according to students’ confirmation.  Those who have requested an exam may cancel at any time for a fee of $15. Please contact the office with questions (262.752.2627 / cuebe@prairieschool.com).