Gr. 7 – 12: Student Attitudes and Behavior Survey

Gr. 7 – 12: Student Attitudes and Behavior Survey

The health and safety of our students and school community is important to all of us. One of our priorities is to ensure that the young people under our care make responsible decisions concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs. To maintain and strengthen the health of our school community, we are working with Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) Educational Services, a nonprofit organization that, for over 35 years, has been the leading provider of drug education and substance abuse prevention services for independent and international schools across the United States and in 65 countries around the world. (You can learn more about this organization from visiting its Web site:

To help create the safest possible educational environment for our students, the Prairie School will be administering the FCD Student Attitudes and Behavior Survey in grades 7 through 12 on January 28 – 30. This survey is designed to measure students’ actual attitudes and behavior with regard to alcohol and other drugs, as well as their perceptions of the behavior and attitudes of their schoolmates. The survey will be administered online and takes approximately 30 minutes. It is completely anonymous. No individual student can be identified from his or her responses, and all data will be presented by group, i.e., grade level, gender, entire school.

The survey is a powerful tool for identifying strengths in the school community and its ongoing prevention efforts, as well as areas that would benefit from greater focus. The data generated will allow us to better understand student attitudes and behaviors regarding alcohol and other drug use, and use that knowledge to create an effective, targeted prevention plan that nurtures the well being of the individual student and the school.

If you have any questions concerning the survey or the Prairie School’s substance abuse prevention programs and policies, please feel free to contact us.


Ana Moreno, School Counselor

Camille, Jensen-Guion, School Nurse