Gr. 9-11: Course Scheduling Guidelines for 2015-16

Dear Upper School Parents,

With two-thirds of the year behind us, we have arrived at the time of year when we have to give thought to your child’s class schedule for next year. Over the years, we have refined the course selection process, so please take a moment to carefully read the information that follows.

Here is an outline of the this year’s scheduling timeline:

  • March 4-11 Academic Audit: During Advisory/FLEX a student will meet with his or her advisor to review completed and current courses. This will assure that the student is taking the necessary academic courses to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • March 12-20: Students will have Course Recommendation Forms to receive recommendations for next year’s courses from their current teachers.

Actual entry of scheduling requests will not begin until after Spring Break. We will schedule rising seniors first because they have priority to the courses needed for graduation. After the seniors, we’ll work with juniors, sophomores and end with freshmen. On average, each class will have three days for scheduling.

Your child will bring home his/her Course Recommendation-Selection Worksheet, discuss it with you, obtain your signature, and then submit the worksheet to his/her advisor.

Upon receipt of a complete Course Selection Worksheet and an Academic Audit Form (provided by the advisor), a student’s advisor will then enter the course request information into our scheduling program. Complete materials include a parent signature on both the Course Selection Worksheet and the Academic Audit Form.

Course selection materials should be returned to the school as soon as possible because classes will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis; promptness is especially important with classes for which there is only one section. This method of scheduling is intended to reduce delay on the students’ part in returning their course selection material.

If we have not received a Course Selection Worksheet by the final day of registration for your child’s class, his/her advisor will simply assign your child to the classes s/he needs and that are available.

By March 12, we will have the 2015-16 Upper School Curriculum Guide and the accompanying Course Listings on The Prairie School website, under the tab of Parent Resources>Forms and Documents>Upper School.

Please read The Upper School Curriculum Guide carefully. It has been revised and contains the information related to graduation requirements, course descriptions, and the course listings information from which all classes will be selected.

While we attempt to accommodate all course requests to the best of our abilities, it is highly unlikely that a student will have his/her final schedule exactly as s/he designed it originally. The school reserves the right to make modifications to any schedule in order to maintain appropriate class size, create an optimal learning environment, and support any decision that affects the integrity of the overall academic program.

These are the most pertinent facts about the scheduling process. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s advisor or call the Upper School office at 262.752.2626.

We’ve had an excellent year so far; I am extremely proud of the exceptional work our faculty has done. So, thank you very much for your continued support and confidence in what we do, and here’s to the exciting challenges ahead for your child!


Everett R. McKinney, Head of Upper School / 262.752.2626