Students Today, Leaders Forever – An Upper School Travel Experience!


Dear Upper School Families and Students,

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.24.00 AMMy name is Hayden Hendersen, and I am a senior this year. I have been working very hard to plan a trip called STLF. STLF stands for Students Today, Leaders Forever, which is a national organization that plans service and leadership trips for middle school students through college students. The Prairie Upper School has previously hosted multiple STLF trips. I enjoyed my STLF experience so much that I decided to once again bring STLF to Prairie. I want to share my enthusiasm for, and information about, this unforgettable trip in hopes that you may support and encourage your student to sign up this year.

Please feel free to contact me ([email protected]) for any other information or if you have any questions. I am so passionate about this amazing opportunity and want Prairie Upper School students to be able to enjoy it as much as I have. So, I strongly urge you to help and encourage your student to sign up for the STLF PIF tour.

Trip Overview

Thursday, January 15 – Monday, January 19

Our STLF trip (called a Pay it Forward “PIF” tour) will take place from Thursday, January 15 until Monday, January 19. We do not have school on Monday the 19, so students will only miss Friday the 16. After school ends on the 15, (or a few minutes before, but students will get to go to class for the entire or almost the entire day) we will load coach buses with Prairie students and all of our luggage.

Along with numerous STLF adult chaperones, we will depart, making our way to Louisville, Kentucky. Each night we stay in accommodating churches or community centers like YMCAs and each day we drive to another preset city. At each stop we make, we do fun service projects. In the past, we have volunteered at animal shelters, made friends at retirement and nursing homes, served food at soup kitchens, sorted donated goods, planted trees, and much more.

Students take care of their entire service hour requirement by attending STLF (all 25 hours). On our long bus rides and at our nighttime destination, we partake in leadership games and reflection activities. In the cities we travel to, we may have time for some souvenir shopping and will tour at least one college.

Our Destinations and Route

Our current agenda is to drive from Prairie to Lafayette, IN, to Owensboro, KY, to Lexington, KY, and finally ending up in Louisville, KY. Once in Louisville, we will meet up with other high school students from St. Catherine’s High School (in Racine) to do a large service project. We will spend our night in Louisville in a hotel and then make our way back to Prairie.

Cost and Sign-up

All Upper School students are invited to attend STLF if they are available to (i.e., they must check with athletic coaches or theatre directors for availability.) If you sign up by January 3 the cost is $300; otherwise, the trip costs $315. Students will also need to bring additional money on the trip for some meals. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit this link to sign up. 

Why sign up?

By coming on the STLF trip, students not only have the opportunity to do impactful service work around the country (and take care of their service hour requirement), but also create new friendships and lasting memories. Whether your student is a freshmen or a senior, the STLF leaders and the students on the trip work hard to include everyone. Spending many hours together on a bus headed towards unknown places is truly a bonding experience like no other! The leaders include STLF staff as well as college students in a university STLF program, together ensuring a safe and meaningful PIF tour. 

More Information