X Day Explanation: from Upper School Head Everett McKinney

By now, you’ve probably all received your hard copy of the school calendar on which the letter day of the rotation appears for each school day.  You may also have noticed some days are indicated as X Day. What does that mean?

We created the X Day schedule to use when we have in school events like our Teams of Three (cross-division/Buddy) activities, and special All-School assemblies.  By taking twenty extra minutes from Morning Meeting and abutting it to forty-five minutes of Flex time (Advisory), one easily gains a period of little over an hour, perfect for the type of All-School events I’ve just described.

Students in grades 5-12 will attend all of their classes on X Day, and the only difference between X Day and A-D days is that Flex time occurs in the morning rather than the afternoon.

E and F days, our days for longer instructional periods, are precious to faculty who teach multiple sections of classes.  So that teachers don’t have to worry about fractured instruction for classes that meet on E and F days, you’ll notice that we’ve inserted an X Day when such a disruption would occur — specifically on December 18, right before our winter break.

The only known X days at this time are: October 29 (Pumpkin Carving with cross-division buddies); November 11 (All-School Assembly); December 18 (this would have been an E Day); April 28 (Upper School Honors Assembly); and May 12 (Senior Send-Off). However, should the need for additional X Days arise, you and the students will receive advance notification.

I hope this is clearer to you now; feel free to contact your child’s division office or advisor if you have other questions about this.


Everett R. McKinney

Head of Upper School