The technology tools used at The Prairie School enhance teachers’ ability to reach all learners, deepen students’ understanding, and provide skills necessary for their success in a 21st-century learning environment.

iPad Program

1:1 Program

Teachers and students throughout all three divisions at Prairie use iPads to practice skills, demonstrate understanding, foster independent exploration, reinforce collaboration, and allow for differentiation. In the Primary School, teachers share grade-level sets of devices that are used daily. In fall 2012 we launched a 1:1 Program whereby each student in grades 5-12 receives an iPad for use at school and home. The iPad has changed the way Prairie students learn by giving them anytime access to the internet and a mobile solution for research and composition. The iPads are on a two-year lease cycle; each student receives a new, updated version of the iPad every two years.

  • A Letter from the Director of Technology PDF : This is a letter from the Director of Technology supporting the rationale behind the iPad program.
  • FAQS: On this web page you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about our program.

Google Apps for Education

The backbone of our students’ daily workflow is based in Google Apps. Each student in grades 2-12 is assigned a Prairie School Google account, which provides access to email, calendars, documents, and much more! The students create, share, and collaborate on documents with their peers and teachers, while the teachers keep students apprised of course assignments through class calendars. The vast majority of our students’ school work is accessible to them through this single account, which is easily integrated with their personal iPad and also accessible via any device with an internet connection.


Other Relevant Tools

In addition to our iPad Program, we also have hundreds of Mac laptops and desktops available to our students for lessons better suited to those devices. In addition to a projector, all of our classrooms feature an Apple TV, a device that allows teachers and students to quickly share the content from their devices with the rest of the class. Our Student Resource Center includes a Media Lab where students create and edit video and audio recordings, as well as a desktop computer lab equipped with 22 iMacs, a projector, and an Apple TV for large-group instruction. In addition, many classrooms also feature an interactive whiteboard for engaging class work. Primary School students are introduced to programming using Lego Mindstorms, and Middle and Upper School electives are offered as well. Our goal is to continue to introduce relevant, innovative technology, and we accomplish that by providing students with personalized access to the best technology available.

Digital Literacy Instruction

Given that we are immersed in a rapidly changing world of media and technology, we feel it is of utmost importance that we help students become wise navigators of, thoughtful contributors to, and shrewd consumers of information. Using curriculum created by Common Sense Media, we regularly incorporate lessons throughout the year in grades K-12 that age-appropriately introduce themes of internet safety, privacy and security, relationships and communication, cyberbullying, digital footprint and reputation, self-image and identity, information literacy, and creative credit and copyright.


New To Prairie?

Tech Setups & Accounts

If your child is entering grades 6-12 for the first time at Prairie, they will need to take care of a couple of things prior to receiving their iPad at New Student Orientation in the summer (or arriving at school if you are entering mid-year).  This setup will allow them to hit the ground running as they receive their iPad, and prepare them to use the digital productivity and communication tools used daily at Prairie.

iPad Loan Agreement & Student Expectations Form (ALL New Students, Grades 6-12)

This very important document needs to be viewed by both parents and the student PRIOR to a student receiving an iPad. We expect that parents will read through this document with their child, and take the opportunity to discuss in detail what the expectations will be for the use of the iPad outside of school. This document can be viewed, electronically signed, dated and submitted under Student Information→ Waivers & Forms in the PowerSchool portal.  If you are new to Prairie, the Director of Admissions will help you with your initial access into PowerSchool.

For students entering Grades 8-12

There are two different digital accounts that are very important for students when it comes to the use of iPads: A Google Apps for Education account, and an Apple ID.  Both of these school accounts will be created by the Technology Staff prior to the New Student Orientation, and their iPads set up using these accounts. Upon receiving their iPads at orientation, new students will also receive their login credentials for these two accounts. Once a new student and their parent read, discuss, and sign off upon the Agreement & Expectations Form, they will not need to do anything else prior to the orientation.

For students entering Grades 6-7

As students in these grades typically are under 13, an extra step will need to be taken by families to be in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  Once a student of this age is confirmed to be enrolled at Prairie, the Technology Staff will initiate a request sent by Apple via email to the parents requesting them to create an Apple ID on behalf of the student under the age of 13. Once this has occurred, the tech staff can complete the student’s iPad setup to be ready for them at orientation.