About Us

The Prairie School in Wind Point, WI, is one of the finest private, independent, college preparatory day schools in the United States.

Prairie serves students from Early School/Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, developing educated, poised, confident, creative, and responsible leaders through rigorous and demanding academic programs that enhance individual talents and abilities.

We believe a well-rounded education is the key to lifelong success. Our students are encouraged to pursue and achieve excellence in all things. Here your son or daughter will realize their dreams as a scholar, artist, athlete and leader.

By capitalizing on the countless opportunities available to them at Prairie, every single student shapes an experience that prepares them to enter the next phase of their life capable and confident.

In a fast, relentless world where jobs and careers are continually evolving, Prairie graduates are creative problem solvers and outstanding communicators able to thrive in whatever endeavor they choose.

This is where your child will be exposed to an unmatched array of topics and ideas. Where they will learn to create, collaborate and communicate. Where they will become equipped with the tools to think, reason, write and question.

This is where your child will take ownership of their dreams while chasing down their passions.

Best Place to Work

Our faculty voted Prairie the #1 Best Place to Work in Southeastern Wisconsin. Click here to read more.

This is Prairie

Mission and Vision

The Prairie School is an Early School through 12th grade independent college preparatory day school in Wind Point, Wisconsin.

Founder’s Intent
“The Prairie School exists to enhance the educational options for Racine and surrounding  communities, to provide an excellent independent ES-12th grade college preparatory educational institution and to serve as a key catalyst to make our community a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

Imogene P. Johnson

The Prairie School will be a national leader among Early School through 12th grade independent college preparatory day schools, with financial and enrollment stability, providing dynamic and evolving educational excellence for generations to come.

The Prairie School nurtures the creativity, interests and abilities of every student, inspiring each to explore, thrive, and add value individually and in collaboration with others. Our community of students, faculty, and families works together to create a collaborative and supportive culture grounded in human values – celebrating both our differences and commonalities.  Prairie graduates are prepared for college and life with the desire and skills to make the world a better place.

Guiding Mantra
To know, value, support, and challenge every student to be their best self.

Inclusivity Statement
The Prairie School is a community of students, faculty, and families who care for and respect one another, celebrating both our differences and commonalities. We value the representation and full engagement of individuals whose differences include, but are not limited to, age, ethnicity, family makeup, gender, learning profile, physical ability, race, religion, sexual identity, and socioeconomic status.

We acknowledge that inclusivity is a complex idea to define and quantify. Beyond multicultural personal identities, The Prairie School embraces diversity of thought, culture, and all that may be unseen but also subject a person to preferential or disadvantageous treatment. We believe that inclusivity makes our students, faculty, and community members wiser and better able to fulfill our mission of promoting lifelong individual and collective growth.

Approved by The Prairie School Board of Trustees, January 24th, 2018

Fast Facts

  • Total number of students: 624
  • Primary School Student:Teacher ratio: 4:1
  • Middle School: 5:1
  • Upper School: 6:1
  • Primary School (ES-Grade 4): 176 students
  • Middle School (Grades 5-8): 175
  • Upper School (Grades 9-12): 272
  • Merit-based college scholarship $ earned by graduating seniors (5-year average): 10 million 

Where Every Student is Known and Valued, Supported and Challenged

Balanced, Individualized, and Well-Rounded Academics

Our broad curriculum and master faculty foster the development of leaders for the 21st century by exposing students to diverse range of ideas, teaching methods, and extensive leadership training. We realize that every child is unique. As a result, we cultivate and nurture each student’s personality, perspective, and dreams so that they reach their true potential as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders. By utilizing methods both tried and true as well as bold and new, Prairie’s process focuses on developing well-rounded learners prepared to lead.

Expert Teachers

Our nationally recruited, master faculty are, without exception, passionate about teaching. Small class sizes and a nurturing environment ensure personal attention for each student. Nearly half of our faculty hold advanced degrees – including every full time teacher in the Upper School – and we devote significant resources to their professional development. Despite tenure, it’s common for educators to remain at Prairie because of the unique community and bonds formed between co-workers, students, and families.

Family Partnerships

Our faculty prides itself on the ability to build strong relationships with both students and parents. Through direct faculty interaction, parent meetings, newsletters, and electronic communications, Prairie continually reinforces its commitment to these partnerships.

Comprehensive College Counseling

With virtually every graduate attending a four-year college or university, College Counseling helps students consider their options early. College counseling begins freshman year when our counselors provide students and families with the guidance needed to start the selection process. With over 70+ schools visiting campus annually, and with plentiful one-on-one sessions to explore a student’s abilities, skills and interests, College Counseling is committed to ensuring every child makes an informed and confident decision about the next phase of their educational career.

Diverse Opportunities and Extensive Leadership Training

Prairie offers a variety of co-curricular opportunities for every age group to balance and enhance the educational experience – performing arts, service organizations, athletics, and more.