College Counseling

Welcome to Prairie’s College Counseling Office. Virtually all of Prairie’s students attend a four-year college or university each year, and we place great value on guiding our students as they search for a college or university that best fits their skills and personalities.

Our college counseling begins freshman year when students and their families become familiar with our college process.  The program provides the guidance and direction needed to make informed choices, as well assistance with the application process.  Approximately 70 colleges from across the U.S. visit our campus so that our students are informed and presented with a breadth of opportunities.  One-on-one counseling sessions explore a student’s abilities, skills, and interests.  Our goal is to ensure each student has made an informed and confident decision when transitioning into the next phase of their educational careers.

The College Counseling section of the website is organized in a way that provides students, parents and visitors with important information about the entire college process. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Contact Us

Barb Barth

Adam Stout
Co-Director, College Counseling
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Molly Lofquist Johnson
Co-Director, College Counseling
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Barbara Barth
College Counseling Administrative Assistant
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