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2020 Girls’ Tennis

Awards and Achievements

Fall 2019
  • Conference Champions, 4th at Sectionals, 2nd at Tremper Invitational and 3rd at County
  • 1st Team All Conference:  Sarah Gesner (1 Singles, also 1S State D2 Draw and 1S County Champion), Gabriela Davis (2 Singles, also Special State Qualifier), Victoria Walker (3 Singles), Madeline Nelson (4 Singles), Molly Cookman & Andrea Palmen (1 Doubles, also 1D Individual Special State Qualifier). Narah Vartanian  & Annabel Yan (2 Doubles), Jaclyn Palmen & Regan Kocourek (3 Doubles)
Fall 2018
  • Conference Champions, 2nd at County and Sub-Sectional
  • Haley Stoltenberg & Sarah Gesner:  State Runner-ups in D2 Doubles,
  • 1st Team All State Doubles, 2nd in D2 State Doubles, 2nd in Conference, 1st at Zephyr Invitational, 1st Team All County and 2nd Team All Conference
  • Gabriela Davis: State Qualifier in Singles, 2nd at Conference and 2nd in County, 1st team All County Singles, 2nd Team All Conference
  • Libby Antonneau & Brooke Foster: County Champs 1 Doubles, 1st Team All Conference Doubles and 2nd Team All County Doubles
  • Molly Cookman: 1st in Conference 3 Singles, All County Honorable Mention, 3rd in County Meet 3 Singles, 1st Team All Conference
  • Regan Kocourek: 2nd in Conference 4 Singles, 2nd Team All Conference
  • Andrea Palmen: 2nd at County
Fall 2017
  • Team: 2nd in Conference and 3rd at County
  • Gabriela Davis:  2 Singles / County Champion, 2nd in Conference, 2nd Team All County
  • Sarah Gesner: 1 Doubles, Individual qualifier for state doubles tournament, 1st Team All County, 3rd at County, 2nd in Conference
  • Haley Jones:1 Doubles, Individual qualifier for state doubles tournament, 1st Team All County, 3rd at County, 2nd in Conference
  • Camille Cruise: 1st Team All County in Singles
Fall 2016
  • Team:  3rd in Conference and 3rd at County
  • Sarah Gesner: 3 Singles, 2nd at Conference, 1st at County
  • Grace Gould: 1 Singles, Individual State Qualifier, 3 time State participant, 1st at County
Fall 2015
  • WIAA Division 2 Bronze Medalists:  Doubles:  Emilie Mettraux/Grace Gould
  • WIAA State Qualifier: Emily Lamberton
  • WIAA Sectional Qualifiers:
    #1 Singles Emily Lamberton #1 Doubles: Grace Gould /Emilie Mettraux
  • Hawks finish 2nd in Metro Conference.
  • Conference Champs #1 Doubles
Fall 2012
  • Racine County Co-Champions
  • 2nd in Metro Conference
  • 1st Team All Conference: Annie Zlevor, Christina Dudley and Nora Jandali
  • 2nd Team All Conference: Emily Lamberton, Catie Johnson, Margaret Zimmermann, Annabel Ware, and Sophie Main
  • 1st Team All County: Annie Zlevor, Annabel Ware, Margaret Zimmermann, Nora Jandali and Christina Dudley
  • 1st Team All County: Sophie Main
  • State Qualifiers: Margaret Zimmermann, Annabel Ware, and Sophie Main
Coaching Staff:

Nich Schafer, Head Coach