Our Leadership Team

Nathaniel W. Coffman, Ed.D.

Head of School

“Our students thrive in college and as adults because they are highly skilled, self-motivated learners who know how to succeed both individually and as a part of diverse teams. They know how to take action, build relationships, collaborate and communicate.”

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Division Heads

Mrs. Kathy Boero, Head of Primary School

“I want to create an environment that provides a strong foundation for skill and social development and supports children to soar and achieve great things!” (View Profile)

Mrs. Bonnie Benes, Head of Middle School

“I cherish our community’s ethos, culture, respect and admiration for each other.” (View Profile)

Mr. Everett McKinney, Associate Head of School & Head of Upper School

“The thing I enjoy most about being at Prairie is the daily interaction I experience with bright, energetic, and inquisitive young people.” (View Profile)


Mrs. Aliya Pitts, Assistant Head of School for Community Relations

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Mr. Steve Joost, Assistant Head of School for Finance & Operations/C.F.O.

“Prairie prepares students to be leaders and excel at what interests them.”

Mrs. Lisa Koleske, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources

“I value our hard-working faculty who bring their passion, expertise, inspiration and collaboration each day to the classroom for the students and the Prairie community.”