From Early School through Grade 5

Through our science curriculum, students are able to explore the world of physical, earth, and life sciences, along with coding and robotics, through hands-on activities, experiments, and field trips.

Our mathematics program implements the University of Chicago’s renowned curriculum to help students understand the logic and concepts of math.  Additional resources are used as needed to reinforce concepts and provide additional support or challenges.

In our reading, writing, and word study instruction, teachers emphasize conceptual development to stimulate high-level thinking and problem-solving. Instruction begins with phonemic awareness and advances to students learning specific phonics rules to empower them with decoding and encoding knowledge and skills.

World language is taught throughout Primary School, focusing on the language and cultures of French, Spanish, and Mandarin.  The focus is experiential and well-connected to target objectives in the grade-level curriculum.


We recognize the importance of maintaining a proper balance between academics and the physical, artistic, social, and emotional needs of a child.  Students participate in music, visual arts, gym, and world language classes in addition to their classroom academic activities. We also find value in field trips and visiting presenters to support and extend classroom learning.

Our teachers are immersed in professional development in best practices across curricular areas.