Pre-College Enrichment

A pre-college summer program enables you to spend time on a college campus and sometimes take classes from college professors. These programs can help ease the transition to college life when a student eventually enrolls at a college. While admission officers say attending pre-college programs matter little in the admission process, there are notable benefits for your consideration. These structured programs away from home allow attendees to experience what college life may be like, discover new or existing passions, meet other young people from around the country, and most practically, provide a growth experience that shows colleges they are curious about trying new things.

Though not exhaustive, the following links provide a launching point for families when considering pre-college programs. Make sure to check individual sites for the most accurate information as program details often change from year to year:

Architecture & Engineering
Environmental Science & Sustainability
World Languages, Language Intensive
Leadership Development
Math & Computer Science
Sports and Exercise Science, Sports Communication/Business
Political Science & Public Policy
Summer Study Abroad
Writing & Journalism

We will also list programs that are shared with our office directly. Check back often!

Boston University Summer Residential Program

BU’s long-running Summer Term pre-college offerings include a choice of one-, two-, three-, and six-week programs that prepare you for success in college. With five exciting and challenging pre-college summer programs to choose from, you can earn college credit, discover a new subject area, perform cutting-edge research in University labs, or immerse yourself in hands-on learning. Summer is a great time to push yourself academically while experiencing college life, making new friends, and engaging in fun social activities around Boston and on campus. We invite you to join other motivated teens from 50 states and 87 countries in our summer programs for high school students—a great introduction to college life and academics.

Find more information online.

Cal Berkeley Coding Academy

Berkeley Coding Academy is offering a Machine Learning & AI Online Programs throughout the year. Beginning and advanced students analyze big data in Python and make predictions using machine learning models. Students attend interactive lectures with credentialed teacher Corey Wade and build data projects in small cohorts with instructional leads. All students learn the code behind AI and receive certificates of completion.

Visit for registration information.

Colorado College Summer Programs

Colorado College Summer Session invites rising juniors and seniors to enroll in courses offered on subjects ranging from environmental science and the study of epidemics, to marketing and entrepreneurship, to cross-genre writing. CC’s summer session provides students with a rich opportunity to explore challenging academics, get inspired by the wondrous Rocky Mountain Region, and be supported by faculty that are invested in your success.

High School students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rhythm of the Block Plan and experience living on Colorado College’s campus.

Learn more and apply online. 

MIT Summer Programs

If you’re the kind of student who would like to spend much of your summer learning as much hands-on math, science, and engineering as you can, you might be a good fit for MIT. They offer an array of summer programs that students have found enriching and enjoyable.

These are small, specialized programs on campus. If studying the human genome, building a robot, or scoping out the stars sound like a rad way to spend your summer, then visit their website to learn more.

Global Scholars Program for Sophomores and Juniors

High school sophomores and juniors can earn college credit online this fall in ND’s virtual Global Scholars program. Students will meet online as a class on Saturdays for synchronous learning each week for the duration of the six-week program, with additional asynchronous learning requirements per week. The ND global community provides a network with resources for pre-college students to develop skills in order to answer the call to become global citizens within their own communities, as students tackle complex issues on an international scale. Students choose a topic from the following: 1) A City of Spell Books and Broomsticks, London in the Literature of the Fantastic, 2) Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Thinking, Natural Places as Heritage, 3) Global Issues and Challenges, 4) Irish Literature, Myths, Legends, and Folklore.

Learn more online. Application deadline September 21.

University of Wisconsin – Madison Summer Immersion Programs

Badger Precollege welcomes students completing grades 9-12 to pursue their academic passions and meet new friends this summer. Badger Precollege encourages students to:

  • Challenge their curiosity and expand academic interests
  • Learn from experienced educators, UW faculty and other experts
  • Participate online or in person on the UW–Madison campus
  • Meet like-minded peers from around the world
  • Enjoy the resources and reputation of a top-ranked university
  • Explore their personal path to college

Courses this summer include Forensic Science (ALP program), Music, Art & Technology (Badger Precollege Online) and Human Language & Identity and Satellite Science & Programming for Meteorology (Badger Summer Scholars) — just to name a few!

Yale Young Global Scholars

For those seeking outstanding summer enrichment opportunities, this one warrants a close look:
Yale University’s “Young Global Scholars” program is designed for talented high school students interested in a variety of academic topics. Learn more at the website linked in their message below. Among other details, be sure to note the eligibility requirements: