Weather-Related Protocols

In the event schools must be closed because of a snowstorm or other inclement weather, we will follow many of Racine Unified’s procedures because many families depend on the busing system to transport their children to and from school.

Once it has been determined that school will be closed or there will be a late start that day, the message on the main school phone line (262.752.2500) will be changed to reflect this decision. A notice will typically be posted on the home page of the school’s web site (, and an all-school email will be sent barring any unforeseen technological delays.

The following are possibilities that may be considered based on weather conditions for closing school.

School Closed for the Day

The decision will be made early in the morning, and radio and TV stations will be notified that school will be closed.

Delayed Start

If a delayed opening is announced, we will open two hours later at 10:30 a.m. Students who use the Racine Unified school bus transportation should be at their bus stop two hours later than normally scheduled. The school will not be open to accept students before 9:15 a.m.* The Stay & Play and Stay & Study programs will remain available in the afternoon.

  • Primary School – the Early Day Program will begin receiving children two hours later than normal at 9:15 a.m.
  • Middle School students needing to arrive early should report to the Student Research Center (SRC)
  • Upper School students should report to the US Commons.

*Updated for the 2015-16 School Year

Early Dismissal/Closing

If Racine Unified School District announces that they will close early, dismissal time will be communicated to families as quickly as possible.

If buses depart more than 15 minutes before normally scheduled time, school staff will phone families on the bus list to determine which students should remain at school in extended supervision and which should be allowed to ride an early bus home. If parents cannot be reached, the child will remain at school and a message will be left at the child’s home or parents’ places of employment so that the child can be picked up at school as soon as possible.

Supervision of students remaining at school will take place in each of the three divisions until all children have been picked up. The switchboard will remain open until all students have been dismissed. The Prairie School is not in a position to take responsibility for Upper School students who decide to ride home with friends. Parents should make it clear to their Upper School children if they do not wish for them to ride home with or drive other students home.

Media Contacts

Please note, during the time of year in which inclement weather is possible, you may want to stay tuned to area radio or television stations in the morning to learn of possible school closures or delays (see following page for list of stations).

  • Channel 4 WTMJ-TV*
  • Channel 6 WITI/FOX-TV
  • Channel 12 WISN-TV*
  • Channel 58 WDJT-TV
  • WTMJ 620 AM*
  • KTI Country 94.5 FM*

* Also offer e-mail and/or text alerts. See individual stations for more details.