Investing in a Prairie Education

"A school filled with young people who care about each other and making the world a better place. This is our purpose, our reason for being, and that will never change."

Imogene P. Johnson, Prairie Founder

When you consider the wide-ranging impact a Prairie education will have on your child's life, choosing TPS could be one of the most important investments you will ever make.

While every school offers an education, not every education offers the returns you want for your son or daughter. With nearly half of all students annually receiving support from Prairie's Scholarship Program – this is aid that does not need to be paid back to Prairie – we are excited to work with mission-match families aspiring to provide their child with a world-class education.

Since many factors guide scholarship decisions, we encourage families not to make assumptions about whether they are eligible, but to have a confidential discussion with our Admission staff. Through scholarships and payment plans, we strive to make Prairie affordable for all families whose children have been admitted.

2024/25 Tuition Rates & Fees


Upon acceptance of the enrollment contract, parent(s) or guardian(s) are responsible for the full tuition indicated on the contract, per the terms of the contract.

Inclusive Student Fee

Much like colleges and universities, these costs are billed separately, primarily for accounting purposes and because fees vary by grade.

Included in fee: The annual Inclusive Student Fee
covers textbooks, field trips, classroom and curricular
consumables, Chromebooks and their insurance,
apps and other technology-related educational
content, Primary School snack, grades 5-12 class
trips/camps, grades 5-12 athletic uniforms and fees,
grades 6-12 math/science/music/world language
competitions, grades 6-12 performing arts
scripts/scores/costumes, grades 6-12 yearbooks, the
PSAT exam, and 5th, 8th, and 12th grade
Commencement ceremonies.

Lunch fees; specially arranged
individual diagnostic or psychological testing;
externally administered testing programs (SAT, ACT);
AP exams; ELL fees; speech therapy; Stay & Play;
optional Upper School trips; J-Term; Model UN;
Kenosha and Franklin bus; personal or custom items
for athletics or performing arts; private music
lessons; lost or damaged school-provided items;
per-payment tuition processing fees.

J-Term fees will vary by course, ranging from no cost
to $5,000+. There will be a limited amount of J-Term
financial aid available for those who qualify, and
more information about this process will be shared
as part of the Getting Ready communication later
this summer.

Tuition Payment Plans

Prairie offers monthly and semester payment plans through FACTS Management Inc. Details regarding this payment option may be obtained from Prairie’s Admission office.

• Semester payments are due July 15 and January 1.

• Annual payments are due July 15

FACTS manages all bill payment transactions online. This includes billing for tuition, the lunch program, field trip fees, ticketing for events, yearbooks and more. The online tool allows families to view and pay bills through a secure account. All Prairie families (new and current) will be required to enroll in this system. Families are still given the option to mail payments directly to the Business Office. To access and create a FACTS account, click the icon below.

Please contact Tara Nelson (262-752-2507) in the Business Office with questions.

Private School Tuition Tax Deduction

The state of Wisconsin allows parents to deduct private school tuition. Families are eligible to receive an income tax deduction of up to $4,000 for tuition paid for each kindergarten through eighth-grade student and up to $10,000 per high school student. Click below for more information.

529 Education Savings Program

As of 2018, the state of Wisconsin allows families to use 529 savings account funds to help finance their K-12 private school education.

529 Plans offer tax-advantaged investments to encourage saving for future education expenses of a designated beneficiary (commonly one's child or grandchild). States offer and administer these plans, named after Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.

It is The Prairie School's expectation that all families with a 529 will utilize the plan to help pay tuition at Prairie.

Applying for Prairie’s Scholarship Program

The Prairie School is committed to enrolling the most talented and deserving students, regardless of their financial background. We strive to maintain a balanced, diverse community representing a variety of cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds and recognize that the cost of a Prairie tuition may be beyond the reach of many families. For those who demonstrate financial need, we offer a comprehensive program of scholarship opportunities.

All aid at Prairie is administered through our Scholarship Program. This is money that does not need to be paid back to Prairie.

Families are encouraged to submit a scholarship application to see if they qualify for the program. These applications are reviewed only after an individual has been admitted. A student’s acceptance or denial to Prairie is independent of a family’s need for scholarships.

When considering applications, priority will be given to police, fire, teachers, and others who serve the greater good.

Prairie utilizes FACTS, a third-party organization, to help evaluate a family’s financial need. Based on the information provided by the family, FACTS gives an estimated amount that the family should be able to contribute to educational expenses. Prairie’s Scholarship Committee then takes into consideration each family’s financial circumstances including (but not limited to) overall family income; asset/debt ratio; number of children; whether or not both parents work outside of the home; and any special circumstances a family may be experiencing to determine a final scholarship award. This process helps Prairie make fair and objective scholarship decisions.

To receive a final scholarship determination, new families must complete and submit the full Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) including copies of their most recent tax return and W2 form.

Since scholarships are budgeted by grade level, depending on the monies available, the school may be able to award only a small percentage of demonstrated need.

Prairie treats each family’s scholarship requests confidentially and expects students and their families to do the same.

*Please note: With the exception of the Malone Scholars Program, the awards provided by Prairie School are partial scholarships and should not be assumed to cover all (or the majority) of annual tuition costs.

Please contact Shay Borzynski, Director of Admission, at 262-752-2577 with questions about Prairie's Scholarship Program.

Please contact Tara Nelson, Business Office Manager, at 262-752-2507 with questions about FACTS.

Merit Scholarships

Prairie offers the following merit-based scholarships:

The Imogene Powers Leadership Fellows Program

Who Is Eligible: Incoming 9th Grade Students Demonstrating Need

This program provides four $7,000 fellowships to students entering 9th grade who demonstrate financial need. Fellowships are renewable annually based on each fellow’s performance and typically follow a student through graduation.

Established in May of 1997 through the generosity of the school’s founders, the Imogene Powers Johnson Leadership Fellows Program attracts the brightest, most-talented Upper School students. Ideally, these Fellows will emerge as strong, competent, cooperative, and magnetic leaders, who are models for the School’s ideals, setting a standard for others to emulate.

Malone Scholars Program

Who Is Eligible: Students Entering Grades 7-10

In the spring of 2011, Prairie was selected by The Malone Family Foundation to receive a $2 million endowment award to establish The Malone Scholars Program. The program was started by John Malone of Colorado to provide "an outstanding education to every top-level student who displays the keen desire and motivation to learn, yet lacks the resources to finance such an education."

Prairie is the first school in Wisconsin to receive this endowment and one of 48 schools nationwide to be selected by The Malone Family Foundation. Financial support for each Malone Scholar may range from 30% of tuition to a full scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to students entering grades 7-10 and are renewable through graduation.

Prairie Scholarship Program FAQs

Who is eligible to apply for scholarship assistance?

Students in Grades 1 – 12 are eligible for the Scholarship Program. Families receiving assistance must reapply each academic year, and a scholarship is guaranteed for returning families who continue to qualify financially.

We are proud to support over 50% of our students via scholarship, and we commit to working diligently with every mission-match family who is willing to do what is necessary to invest in Prairie. That said, we are unable to guarantee every family’s full needs will be met. Scholarships are based on proven need and the availability of dollars in the current year budget.

Does applying for a scholarship affect my chances of getting accepted?

No. A student’s acceptance or denial is independent of a family’s need for financial assistance. Scholarship applications are reviewed only after a student has been accepted.

If assistance is need-based, how do you determine need?

Prairie expects families to pay between 10-12% of their gross income towards tuition. The Scholarship Committee will review the FACTS online application, W2’s, and tax returns to help determine a family’s ability to pay. Depending on the monies available in the budget, we may only be able to support a portion of demonstrated need.

Is the information we submit during the scholarship process kept confidential?

Yes. All scholarship applications are held in the strictest confidence, reviewed only by the school’s Scholarship Committee. In turn, we expect our families to keep their awards confidential.

What if parents are separated, divorced, never married, or single?

Prairie will take into account the income and assets of custodial, non-custodial, and step-parents when it comes to deciding on a scholarship amount. Thus, each household is responsible for submitting an individual PFS through FACTS. We realize every family’s situation is different, and welcome your inquiries at 262-752-2577 or

Are we required to apply for a scholarship every year?

Yes. In order to ensure the most current and accurate picture of your finances we require returning families to reapply for a scholarship each year. While the size of your award may vary should your family’s situation change, you should expect the assistance to continue during your family’s time at Prairie.

When can we expect to receive word on our award?

Annual notification of scholarship awards typically occur in late winter through spring.

What if only one parent works outside the home, will my child(ren) be considered for scholarship assistance?

We recognize that you have the freedom to make choices regarding your financial status.  If only one parent works outside of the home, the Scholarship Committee will add to the income of the family per school policy.  An exception to this policy might occur if the parent at home is caring for a preschool-aged child, a child with a disability, a seriously ill child, parent or grandparent, or if there are other special circumstances.  You should present these possible exceptions at the end of your application before submitting the form.